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Coquina Cottage: HOME

Nestled on a quiet, tree lined street in South Daytona, Coquina Cottage Assisted Living is the perfect alternative for those seniors who would prefer to reside in a smaller, cozy home that actually “feels” like home.

Consider the benefits of a smaller assisted living facility. Our phenomenal staffing gives us the ability to offer personalized, “Boutique Style Care.” Unlike the larger facilities, Coquina Cottage staffs 2CNA’s to 6 residents during the busy hours.

Definition: “Boutique”: Any small, exclusive business offering customized service.

Our staff is comprised of highly trained, compassionate Certified Nursing Assistants. All are Level 2 fingerprinted, and have passed all of the rigorous training as mandated by the state of Florida.

Our residents enjoy beautifully decorated, private bedrooms, delicious, healthy, home cooked meals and personalized care tailored to their specific needs.

Our owner, Trish Cline, RN, BSN, personally sits down with each resident and their families and develops an individualized plan of care with specific attention to their past medical history. Trish brings over 30 years of Intensive Care Nursing, and most recently Hospice to the table. When researching Assisted Living, ask about the administrator’s background. Your loved one deserves her expertise!