How to download YouTube videos to your computer for free so you can watch them offline

How to download YouTube videos to your computer for free so you can watch them offline

How to download YouTube videos to your computer for free so you can watch them offline You can watch YouTube videos you have downloaded whenever you like It is very simple to download YouTube videos and have them available to you whenever you wish. YouTube Premium allows users to download videos for offline viewing. However, there are free ways to watch and listen to YouTube videos without downloading them.

You can download YouTube videos to keep you entertained while on trains, planes, or in your commutes. This is a great way to enjoy your favourite content while on the go with a limited data allowance.

You can only save the music from YouTube videos, or remove the audio to make it into podcasts. Our guide contains the best YouTube to MP3 converters, best YouTube downloaders, best video editing software, and best free YouTube downloaders. Is downloading YouTube videos legal? YouTube's terms prohibit third-party apps from downloading YouTube videos. YouTube states that you can only stream videos directly from their servers. You could also be subject to copyright infringement by downloading YouTube videos unless the copyright holder has given permission, the video is in the public domain or you own it.

YouTube offers some methods to download videos via its web service or its apps. This guide will show you how to do it and also provide information about the various options for iPhone, Android and Mac. Right now, YouTube is the best downloader. MP3 Studio MP3Studio Video converter is our favourite YouTube downloader.

It can not only download videos, but it can also convert them to almost any format. It can handle 4K content easily, too. Although it is not free like the software below, you will not find a better tool. 1. Get MP3Studio Downloader Start by downloading and installing MP3Studio Video downloader to save YouTube videos to your Windows PC. The versatile software is free and can download entire playlists as well as 360-degree videos and 3D videos.

Once it is done, click on the box marked "Launch" and then click "Finish". 2. Copy the URL of the video and paste it. Open your browser and locate the YouTube video you wish to download. Copy the URL from the address bar. Next, return to the MP3Studio Video Downloader by clicking the green "Paste Link" button in the upper left. The software will extract information about the video and offer you options for quality.

These options will depend on the quality of your original video. However, the software can download YouTube videos in 4K format if available. 3. Select the right format and quality MP3Studio Video downloader allows you to download entire YouTube videos or just the audio.

Select your desired selection from the drop-down menu to the left. Next, choose a format from the menu to the right. MP4 is our preferred format for videos. It offers a great balance between quality and file size and can be played on almost every device. Next, select your quality. We recommend choosing the highest resolution for playing back video on your TV/PC, but keep in mind that it will take more time and take up more space.

How to download YouTube videos to your computer for free so you can watch them offline

You can see the file size estimate to the left to find out how much space it will take. The 'Browse button at the bottom lets you choose where to save the video. Click 'Download' once you are satisfied. 4. 4. You will be able to download the YouTube video. If you have other videos on the creator's channel MP3Studio video downloader will ask if you would like to also download them.

It can download up to 24 videos at once. After the video finishes downloading, you can either find it in your destination folder or right-click on it in MP3Studio Video downloader and choose 'Play'.

The settings will not be changed unless you remove the video from the list. 1. 1. Install MP3Studio MP3Studio has been a popular tool for downloading YouTube videos to Android smartphones. It's simple and offers the features you want without the bells and whistles.

MP3Studio's video downloader is not available in the Google Play Store. Google isn’t keen on YouTube downloaders, so you will need to first allow your Android device to install and run apps from other sources. You should be cautious about turning on this setting as you want to only download safe apps. Go to "Security" in the menu. Scroll down, and tap the toggle next to "Unknown sources" to activate this setting. Next, open the MP3Studio YouTube downloader website on your Android device and choose one of the verified sources to download it.

2. Choose a video to download A warning message might appear about downloading APK files. Click 'OK to accept it. After MP3Studio has downloaded the file, open it and click 'Install'. Next, tap 'Open. The video downloader will then ask you for permission. The app will launch if you are happy to continue. MP3Studio is similar to the YouTube Android app but with a black background.

After you have found a video, start playing it. Then tap the red "Download" button at the bottom right. 3. 3. Download the video Next, you will see a list with formats. The next thing you'll see is a list of formats. Each format will have different quality and resolution options. You can download high-quality versions if you have a premium device. But remember, the larger the file, the more space your phone or tablet has. Once you are satisfied, click the red "Download" button again.

You can continue using your phone normally while the video is downloading in the background. However, it may take more juice to download videos and slow down your battery drain.

You can also add YouTube videos as a queue for later download. This is useful if you are currently on 4G and need to wait until Wi-Fi is available before downloading large files. DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO AN IPHONE Depending on the Apple OS, downloading YouTube clips can be very different.

You'll need the first method if you have iOS on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. If you use OS X on a Mac, you'll need the second. Install Documents on iOS. It is a file manager that can also be used to download YouTube videos.

Although the process is somewhat complicated, it's still very straightforward. First, open the YouTube app on iOS or Safari and find the clip that you wish to download. Once you have found it, tap on the 'Share" icon and then click on 'Copy Link.

Open Documents, and then look for the web browser icon. It is located at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Click on it to go to The address of the YouTube clip will be pasted in the large input box.

Select the quality option you prefer, and the file will begin to download. It will be finished when you click on the Documents' Downloads link. You can then drag it over to 'Photos > camera roll' to make it available from the Documents5 app. DOWNLOAD YOUTUBE VIDEOS TO A MAC There are many options for downloading YouTube videos on a Mac.

However, MacX YouTube Downloader is also available for Windows. You can add the link to multiple clips by simply choosing the quality options. Continue reading to find out more about the video formats and quality settings for downloading YouTube videos. EXTRA ADVICE YouTube Premium allows you to download videos YouTube Premium subscribers will enjoy many perks.

These include the ability to download videos for offline viewing without any third-party software. This can be done via YouTube, YouTube Music, and YouTube gaming apps.

Keep in mind that the app can only be used to download videos. You can't move the file to another device or use a different player. Watch a video and then click the "Download" button (a grey circle) underneath the player. Choose a quality setting. After the video has been successfully downloaded from YouTube, it will be available in your Library or Account tab. To download videos, you must log in to your account. You can't reply to videos offline with comments or likes. Which formats can I use to download YouTube videos?

Most video downloading apps offer a variety of file formats. The most common formats are MP4, 3GP and AVI. The format and quality settings you choose will determine what device you can view your video on and how high-quality it will be. 3GP is the best file format if you don't care too much about video quality.

This file format is perfect for small-screened phones, and it's not too bad on any other device. However, the files are very small, which is important on older mobiles that don't have much storage or memory expansion capabilities. Other devices: MOV is Apple’s video format, works on all Macs; AVI was created by Microsoft and works well on all PCs, and MP4 is the video equivalent to MP3 that works on almost everything. We recommend MP4 for maximum compatibility.

How about video quality? Next, you will need to decide on the quality of your video. You'll have the option to choose from a variety of video sources if you download via ClipConverter, which is explained in detail on the previous page.

YouTube streams in many quality levels, from 3GP for older mobiles to 1080p HD for large HD displays. You have four options for your tablet, smartphone, or computer: 360p (480p), 720p (720p), and 1080p (both 3GP). You can't have too much storage if you want to watch 1080p video, but 360p won't look great on an HD screen.

If you don't have unlimited storage, you will need to compromise and find the lowest quality video you can watch on the screen you are viewing the video. It doesn't matter if the video has music. The soundtrack will have the same bitrate regardless of whether it's a 480p or 1080p video. YouTube's audio streams and video streams are separate entities, so changing the video quality won't affect the quality of the soundtrack.